What’s new for 2014? #1

It’s been a long time since my last blog post but I thought I’d get back into it.  I’ve spent a good bit of time recently earning my Distinguished Toastmasters award from Toastmasters.org.  I finished earning the award on April 13, 2014 so I now have more time to blog.

I’ve been working on genealogy right a long and have started a couple of projects.  The first was to begin Family Treemaker 14 trees for each of the spouses of my parents’ trees’ i.e. spouses of Dardingers and Millers (descendants of William Miller b 28 Feb 1778) with the appropriate surname.  Thus far I have 31 of the Miller type  and 39 of the Dardinger variety and 7 other trees of miscellaneous sort.

My most recent tree was brought on by a pending vacation.  My wife and I intend to stop and visit my aunt in the Tulsa area so I contacted her to see it this was ok.  I got talking to her about her late husband Ed who I had virtually no information about.  She was able to give me some information including that his father was adopted and it wasn’t known who his biological father was though she does have some information about his mother.  Anyway I started a tree for him and surprisingly to me, I may have found Ed’s missing biological grandfather in the 1900c.  I have to check with my aunt to see if I can be right, but the parents of the adopting grandmother are there with a fellow and his wife who matches their daughter who married Uncle Ed’s adoptive grandfather.  Interestingly, it appears they changed Ed’s father’s birth year from 1899 to 1902 to hide the adoption.

I’ll change this blog to match which I find out on the trip.